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Barber Shop Products

Tailor’s Grooming

A simple but powerful range of men’s products developed especially for the unique needs of men’s grooming. Tailor’s hair care products come in a variety of natural, masculine blends, including caffeine, peppermint, tea tree, rosemary and bamboo, to deeply cleanse and stimulate the scalp, nourish the hair and leave it full of vitality and shine. Their wide range of styling products, from gels and pomades, to waxes, glues and creams are perfect for creating styles with a statement. They give the hair form and texture, and help you maintain your lasting, unique style. A versatile and effective selection of beard oils, waxes and balms will keep your all-important facial hair soft and form-able for repeat grooming and styling. For those who enjoy a clean shave, Tailor’s post-shave products enhance the natural restoring process of the skin after shaving, relieving redness and irritation, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.

Sway Hair Extensions

At Definition, you can choose from a wide selection of fantastic Sway Hair Extensions and products, including: The Sway Weft Collection – the ultimate in comfort, beauty and discretion, made from hand-picked Indian Remy and using a unique, multi-layering weft system that is cuticle aligned and double drawn to provide the perfect volume and versatility. Sway Flat or Stick Tip – this pre-bonded collection uses the finest Italian keratin to guarantee long-lasting, great-looking extensions, with little or no shredding. Sway Slims Tape – This seamless tape sits flat against the head to provide a discreet and fast professional service, guaranteeing maximum volume and thickness for fine hair, giving extensions a purely natural look.

Eideal Hair Tools

EIDEAL is the leading provider of premium hair products and tools across the MENA region. The brand combines innovative technology with contemporary design to produce a range that has fast become a sensation in both retail and in salons. Presenting a wide selection of innovative tools from styling combs and brushes, to curling irons, hairdryers and clippers, Definition is also among the first to make extensive use of the incredible new Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors. Their great efficiency and versatility have inspired a new level of artistry and passion for creating exciting and on-trend hairstyles.


Davines’ mantra Beauty will save the world. is reflected throughout their full range of products. Davines hair care products are the ideal choice for bringing out the best in your hair, with a fantastic range of nourishing shampoos, conditioners, creams and hair masks to make you shine like never before.