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EIDEAL is the leading provider of premium hair products and tools across the MENA region. The brand combines innovative technology with contemporary design to produce a range that has fast become a sensation in both retail and in salons.

As a Definition key partner, the EIDEAL range brings products that sets the industry standard. Harnessing the ultimate in advanced hair care, EIDEAL aims to revolutionise the concept of hairstyling, with innovation, ground-breaking styling technologies, inspired by nature’s most sophisticated minerals and elements; at EIDEAL, quality is never compromised.

TRINITY haircare finds its origins in the beautiful country of Switzerland. The company roots, vision and values originate from the German part of Switzerland, close to the beautiful Lake Constance and not far from the Swiss Alps.

The company ethos is formed upon delivering superior quality products, clean, modern and functional design and a strong focus on the environment and nature. Every concept, every idea, every project, and every development is based upon their philosophy, which they call “100% Swissness”. Partnering with Definition, Trinity Hair Care presents products like Reload, fulfilling all styling needs, Creasoin, for ultimately healthy hair, and VDT, an artistic colouration series.

SWAY Hair Extensions provide premium and luxury hair extensions made entirely from virgin human hair, ethically sourced from temples in India, ensuring the ultimate in comfort and discretion. Their unique natural colour blends and product diversity allows stylists to create the most innovative techniques, allowing you to wear our hair extensions with comfort, confidence and undetectable to the eye.